Who is Chef Ady?

Chef Ady Small a female chef, mother of 2 beautiful girls and granny to 5 loving grandchildren is chef patron to Ady The Queen of Tarts Coffee Shop overlooking the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. Ady a happy, welcoming, warm and holistic personality hosts cookery classes and workshops sharing her travel diary with both foreign and local friends.

A food loving travel adventurer who has traveled through many a country. Ady has buckets of stories, recipes and adventures with which she has shared with her travelling companion..Never forgotten -Travels with her whisk...

Ady is on a mission to inspire other middle aged folk that they too can travel solo, feel independent and enjoy life's journeys to the full. Join in.. and commit to a flying solo joining in on a small group food loving journey. Enjoy her passion and tips on how to travel like a local and find those off-the-beaten-track destinations. Her off the beaten track adventures are inherently fascinating to those who enjoy living like the locals, eating with the locals and making amazingly soulful friends on journeys to follow.

Share her vision, and start filling up the bucket list wishes with tips and ideas about her two of her biggest passions: traveling and food. Chef wants to show people that traveling can be inexpensive, that working people, single people and people with a heart and soul can travel too. Finally, that the people you meet have some of the most incredible stories to share and valuable insights to offer. She loves exploring remote corners of the world where she meets local people, tastes the local cuisine, cooks with the people and learns about different ways of life. Ady hopes that through her pages and blog, she can inspire others to pack their bags and travel. Learning to step out of their comfort zones where food, aromas, vibrant colours and romance with like minded people prevail.

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India Trip March 2019

 INDIA: A land of remarkable diversity – from Ancient traditions and artistic heritage to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations – India will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses and warm your soul. Food Glorious food Brace yourself – you are about to take one of the wildest culinary trips of your travelling life. Here you will fry, simmer, sizzle, knead, […]

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